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Once upon a time, BACATA was the native name of Bogota’s pre-hispanic district, a lush and fecund valley with a flourishing civilisation.

BACATA COLLECTION, an innovative art platform which champions contemporary Fine Art from the best emerging and established Colombian artists, was born from this rich, cultural legacy.

By constantly researching and evaluating the Colombian art market, BACATA COLLECTION facilitates access to the art world for international collectors, interior designers and corporate clients.

We are committed to delivering sound advise and guidance, while stripping away the complexity of collecting art.



Celine Lerebourg is the founder and curator of BACATA COLLECTION.
This project unites her passions for South-American native cultures and Contemporary Fine Art.

Inspired after directing a series of luxury interior design projects in Paris - including world’s most expensive home, Chateau Louis XIV - as well as extensive projects across Europe, Australia, the Americas and the Middle East, Celine was drawn to Colombia’s rich and diverse art scene in 2013. There, she decided to take her expertise for sourcing thought-provoking pieces, rooted in skilled craftsmanship, to a whole new level.

By collaborating directly with Colombia’s leading talent, Celine uses her seasoned expertise to ignite strong creative relationships. between creators and art collectors.

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