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Immersed in the heart of Colombia’s creative circles and institutions, BACATA COLLECTION is an innovative platform specializing in sourcing and selecting original Colombian artworks to suit all tastes, styles and budgets.

Aiming to offer a truly bespoke art consultatory service, we take time to analyze your needs and constantly research and evaluate the complexities of the local art market, so you don’t have to.


From emerging artists to 21st Century Colombian masters, our unique position enable us to guide anyone, from the experienced mogul to first-time buyer, to invest in the most exciting, highest quality artworks available on the Colombian market.

Planning a trip to Colombia?

Contact us to customize a creative itinerary, where you’ll enjoy exclusive insider access to private collections and artist studios, as well as specialized visits to galleries synced to your particular interests.

BACATA COLLECTION can guide you in the following areas : 

Contemporary Colombian Art (Art galleries, private collections, museums) 
Auction houses (Visit pre-sale exhibitions and bid in auctions) 
Design & Furniture (Independent designer studios, design stores, local projects)

Let’s start shaping your collection :


At BACATA COLLECTION we strive to bring your vision to life by enhancing spaces with truly inspiring artworks.

With our guiding hand, we will help you source or commission unique creations to elevate your project - or brand - to the next level.

Our approach is a highly collaborative one. We are in constant dialogue with you from conception through to delivery, offering a one-to-one brief factoring space, theme, media, production scale and budget.

We also provide a wide variety of premium services, including custom framing, international delivery, local installation, limited edition art, murals and much more.

Always aiming to create long-term relationships with our partners, BACATA COLLECTION offers a discretionary discount of up to 10% to interior designers who choose to work with us.

Let’s discuss your project today :

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